On the Trail Day Planner


On The Trail is a 8.5″ x 7.5″ pictorial day planner of our western heritage throughout Western Canada.

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I have a vision… a dream…that my images will become a “Voice for the Rancher.” Since the inception of my published work in 1999, my mission was simply, to share a way of life with an audience that either dreamed about it or those that already lived it. Years later a more meaningful purpose has been revealed – to be a voice for the rancher: a voice that will be heard in urban communities; a voice which speaks of commitment and dedication to the preservation of the Canadian grasslands. Let these images serve as a reminder that we must all work to maintain and support our endangered grasslands.

Caring for our grasslands.

Kindest Regards

Kim Taylor

Welcome to another ride down the trail, a ride that started 20 years ago with my first calendar in 1999. A special thanks goes out to the folks who have shared their On The Trail record-keeping stories with me – stories that involve calving dates, weather, weaning, and ranch life in general. And … not incidentally … records that provide the answers to many kitchen table discussions!

In the fact of accelerating change, and with more and more challenges facing the next generation of ranchers and cowboys, I am so grateful to know that 20 years worth of On The Trail annual planners provide not only historical facts, but images of working cowboys that are significant and informative to future generations.

All of us, in our own way, need to think about the importance of our grasslands and our way of life. Every day, I join you in making conscious decisions about the present and future good of our country. What a priviledge to share the ride together.

A voice for the rancher,

Kind Regards,

Kim Taylor