On the Trail Day Planner



Saddle up and ride with me down the trails I have traveled these past few years and meet the artisans that are featured in the 2018 On The Trail day planner.  Their designs evoke our Western Heritage, a level of craftsmanship measured by their own passion. For the greater part of two decades I have recorded inside the ranch gates within the three western provinces of Canada.  I notice there is one strand in the rope of the rancher that stays constant and that is his heart.  The dedication in caring for the land, his family, while maintaining his way of life.  That is what draws me.  His passion of preservation fuels my passion of preserving the western lifestyle.  Sharing the ranching way of life through my work is a way that I can acknowledge those who strive to keep the grasslands available for future generations.  It is important to continue the quest of creating awareness and making decisions of intent for the good of our land and the people. A voice for the rancher … Kindest Regards Kim Taylor